Endocrine disruption

The toxicology laboratory of the Institut Pasteur in Lille carries out in vitro tests for the study of endocrine activity according to the EATS modalities (estrogenic, androgenic, thyroid, steroidogenesis). These are regulatory or screening tests to identify endocrine modes of action, such as interference with oestrogen or androgen receptors, steroidogenesis or thyroid hormones.

Transcriptional activation assay for the detection of
oestrogen receptor agonists and antagonists (cell linehERα-HeLa-9903)
OCDE 455
Transcriptional activation assay for the detection of androgen receptor
agonists and antagonists (AR STTA)
• AR-EcoScreen™ cell line
• MDA-kb2 cell line
OCDE 458
Wilson et al., 2002
H295R steroidogenesis test
OCDE 456
• T-Screen test (GH3 cell proliferation)
• Iodide capture test based on Sandell-Kolthoff reaction
Gutleb et al., 2005
Waltz et al., 2010

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