Mutagenesis and genotoxicity training

Code MUTGEN – INTER training

Duration: 4,5 days (31.5 hours)
Cost : €1,700
Dates: to be announced
Open to 10 participants


Phone: 03 20 87 72 71


  • Study directors
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Junior engineers and anyone involved in carrying out or interpreting mutagenesis tests


Learn or review the theory of genetic toxicology necessary to better understand test procedures. Learn or review the principles of the main mutagenesis tests and study technical problems, methodological biases, and methods for the interpretation of results using practical examples. Learn about legislation concerning mutagenic products and laboratory safety.

Training content

Part 1– The basics of genetic toxicology and carcinogenesis

  • Review of nucleic acids and DNA
  • Review of cell division and the basic principles of genetics
  • Primary DNA damage and its consequences
  • DNA repair mechanisms
  • The relationship between mutagenesis and carcinogenesis
  • Genotoxic and epigenetic carcinogenesis
  • Metabolic activation of mutagens and general mechanisms of metabolic activation
  • Promutagen detection method

Part 2– Methodology, research design, legislation, and safety

  • Emerging screening tests: Gadd45 and gH2AX
  • In vivo/in vitro chromosome aberration tests
  • In vivo/in vitro micronucleus test and metaphase analysis
  • Gene mutation tests: Tests on bacteria (Ames test) and on mammalian cells
  • In vivo gene mutation tests: transgenic mice and PIG-A test
  • Primary DNA damage: In vivo comet test
  • Genotoxicity tests on reconstituted human skin models
  • Mutagenesis screening: micro-methods in mutagenesis
  • (Q)SAR models
  • Mutagenesis testing strategy and legislation