Specific cosmetology tests

Promulgated on 11 March 2009, Directive 2003/15 (Amendment VII to Directive 76/768/EEC) prohibits testing on animals and marketing cosmetic ingredients, or combinations of ingredients, tested on animals for genotoxicity.

The Genetic Toxicology Laboratory of the Institut Pasteur de Lille has developed and perfected cytotoxicity and genotoxicity tests on reconstructed human skin for the study of cosmetic ingredients.

3T3 NRU photo-toxicity testOCDE 432 - OECD 432
Comet test coupled with micro-nucleus in vitro test on reconstituted human skin (Episkin®)En co-culture TK6 ou L5178Y
In vitro micro-nucleus test on reconstituted human basal skin cells (RHE®)Curren et al., 2006
In vitro skin irritation: reconstituted human epidermis test methodOCDE 439 - OECD 439
In vitro skin corrosion: human skin model testOCDE 431 - OECD 431
Bhas 42 cell transformation assayENV/JM/MONO(2016)1
(Q)SAR in silico predictive toxicology test
In vitro test for evaluating potential endocrine disruption

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